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    Christopher Sovereign



    Precise soft tissue strategies that are specifically targeted to the biomechanics of the golf swing can help golfers play more effectively and also prevent possible injuries. This also becomes a wonderful sub-specialty for massage therapists, offering golfers very specific treatment protocols tied to the demands of the golf swing. Read more…

    Neuromuscular Therapy

    Neuromuscular therapy (NMT), sometimes called trigger point therapy, is a targeted, deep tissue massage technique. Concentrated pressure is applied to key points in order to relieve muscle spasms. It is often combined with other techniques as part of a deep tissue session.

    While regular deep tissue massage is meant to alleviate general, chronic muscle tension, NMT is mean to address postural problems, nerve compression, ischemia and improper biomechanics. Referred pain, or dysfunction in one area causing issues in others, is often addressed with NMT. NMT continuing education courses will teach you how to identify common trigger points and referred pain as well as how to approach them without pain or bruising.