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There’s no doubt the world of education has changed over the past year, and that’s true for massage continuing education as well. The pandemic has led to a wave of virtual education and online training. Many continuing education providers have created new CE classes that can be completed 100% online…. Read more »

COVID-19 resources available to massage therapists.

The following is a statement released by the NCBMBT on March 16, 2020, announcing temporary acceptance of online massage CEUs for all continuing education credit hours for massage therapists renewing their licenses during the 2020 renewal year. Normally, massage therapists in North Carolina may only apply up to 12 hours… Read more »

There is a reason, we are called “massage therapists”, and if we are going to use that designation, it’s important that we live up to what it means. Being a massage therapist means so much more than simply rubbing the layers of the tissues of the body. It’s time our education and professional standards begin to reflect that.

The three most common types of work relationships for massage therapists are tenant, employee, and contractor. What sets these three relationships apart is the balance between control and responsibility: the more responsibility you have for something, the more you can exert control over it. The more control you have over something, the more responsibility you have to take for it.

We’ve already been syndicating massage CE courses via Instagram (and Facebook) for over a year now, but things just got a wee bit better. Instagram accounts can now be added to your listings and member profile! Share your profile on the fastest growing social media platform on earth!

Few people deserve a massage more than a mommy-to-be. Expecting a child is wonderful, but a mother’s body, mind and life must transform to adapt to the baby she carries. Pregnancy massage is a safe, trusted therapy that can be instrumental in supporting a mother’s overall well-being throughout the entire pregnancy.

With its telltale skin welts and recent popularity with Olympians, cupping therapy has become a sought-after modality. The ancient practice of using suction to stimulate blood flow has been a trusted tool of healers for thousands of years. Today, it’s an excellent compliment for massage practices focused on all kinds of work, from sports massage to energy-based bodywork.

When people picture a spa massage, the Zen-like image of a person relaxing with hot stones on their back likely springs to mind. Hot stone massage is a popular spa therapy adapted from ancient healing traditions. For clients, it can be the ultimate relaxation experience.

For massage therapists interested in medical massage, lymphatic massage therapy is a sensible continuing education choice. Lymphatic massage is a light touch technique designed to promote the flow of lymph and the natural drainage of tissues. On its own or combined with other therapies, it can play a significant role in oncology, orthopedic, pediatric and pregnancy massage.

When clients inquire about “walking on your back” massages, it’s ashiatsu they’re looking for. Ashiatsu barefoot massage is an ancient healing art that’s evolved from its origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to a sought-after spa massage technique. Ashiatsu offers massage therapists a unique way to set themselves apart while… Read more »

A welcome relief for clients with or recovering from cancer, oncology massage is a gentle, therapeutic modality that can be a massage therapist’s specialty or part of a well-rounded practice. It’s techniques are based both in empathy and medical understanding, and the care a trained oncology massage therapist offers comes… Read more »