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What’s the difference between a massage license and a massage certification? Find out what you need in order to practice as a massage therapist.

What’s the most challenging part of continuing education for massage therapists? This is a question we’ve asked therapists many times and almost every time, the answer is “finding them” – or some variation of that. We are now in the “Information Age” where nearly anything we¬†want to know about can… Read more »

  If you flip through photos of 2016 Olympians, you may notice something strange. Enormous, dark red spots are dotting the backs, shoulders, legs and chests of the world’s greatest athletes. It isn’t a rash or an illness. The perfectly round bruises are from cupping, a derivative of acupuncture and… Read more »

As a child, few things were more exciting than opening a brand new box of crayons. For a massage therapist, taking continuing education (CE) courses is like opening a new box of crayons and being rewarded for doing so. Massage CE classes help you fulfill your licensing requirements while expanding… Read more »

A Better Way To Find Massage CE Classes

With a little vision, a background in web development, and a lot of late nights I started Massage CE Directory to serve two primary groups: massage therapists looking for local continuing education classes and massage CE instructors needing a better way to market their classes.