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Mat-Based Body Mechanics CEU Course

Jackson, MS


Teresa Roxanne Wallis


This introductory course for beginners is an interactive exploration of body movement and biomechanical principles related to working on the floor.Identify the primary body postures that you’ll need to master and learn a short massage sequence that (with a little practice) you can use right away. Read more…

DeepFeet 1 Basics CE Class

Pensacola, FL


Matthew Dalton


Step up in your Career and into Ashiatsu with the original in source of barefoot bar education!! Learn this unique form of barefoot massage that will change the way you deliver deep tissue massage techniques! We teach our students how to work “smart not hard” and allow gravity to do… Read more…

FasciAshi Intermediate: Supine & Sidebody Barefoot Massage CE Class

Dallas, TX


Jeni Spring


Supine and Side-body training: It’s time to get more intricate: access more muscles in both supine and side-body positions! This intermediate ashiatsu class empowers the experienced barefoot massage therapist to work even slower, maintain long sustained pressure holds on trigger points or adhered layers of tissue, and deliver deep myofascial… Read more…

Health Care Massage CE Class

Downers Grove, IL


Julie Freeman


Gain skills for clients with Chronic Pain, Myalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, and other common conditions. Pain cycle, natural pain relief, and other modalities will be discussed. Read more…

Barefoot Press and Stretch CEU Course

Knoxville, TN


Charlene Gaffney


Thai on the table with a TWIST! Stand on the table and use mostly your feet to apply acupressure, deep muscle compression and yoga-like stretches. Bars mounted to the ceiling above the table are used for balance and support. Receiver remains clothed. No lubricant is used. Read more…

3-Day Thai Intensive

Asheville, NC


Jill Burynski


In this three-day course you will learn how to perform a traditional Thai Massage in the supine and prone position plus the key to career longevity and satisfaction. Read more…

DeepFeet Sarga Silks CE Class

Pensacola, FL


Karen Harmon


Deepfeet Sarga Silks is a 2-day course that teaches students how to properly install and utilize the Sarga floor system. Techniques taught are western focused and combine a variety of DeepFeet ashiatsu strokes to deliver an effective and therapeutic barefoot massage floor treatment. Read more…

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy continuing education courses are more than a hurdle to jump for license renewal. Massage therapists today are presented with an incredible array of opportunities to hone their craft, learn new techniques, and expand their practice into new areas. With topics ranging from new modalities to how to build a business, massage CE workshops offer something for every bodyworker.

For NCBTMB recertification, massage therapists must complete 24 credit hours of massage CE classes every two years. Three of those hours must be in research, three must be in ethics, and no more than four can be in self-care. Hands-on CE workshops, seminars, and distance learning offer plenty of ways to fulfill the 24-hour requirement.