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    Chicago Assessment CE Class

    Palatine, IL


    James Earls


    A new approach to assessment with dynamic postural & functional analysis. A client’s posture can be indicative of their movement potential. Learn to describe posture with non-judgmental descriptive language and differentiate between drives of postural compensation to design individualized programs for your clients. Read more…


    From postural analysis to improved palpation skills, assessment continuing education courses will help massage therapists of any skill level discover new ways to pinpointing what your clients need. Courses will improve your ability to assess clients at a glance and evaluate complex problems through movement and touch.

    Assessment courses cover either broad, whole-body analysis skills or focus on one area of the body. Techniques like muscle testing and tension pattern analysis will teach you how to trace problems back to their roots. Courses covering orthopedic assessment are ideal for improving clinical massage, and you can build specialization skills with courses designed for analyzing athletes or car accident victims.