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    Connecticut Deep Tissue Massage CEU

    New Haven, CT

    Tatyana B Richmond



    Introducing a NEW course that is 75% hands-on learning – making your deep tissue massage more effective for your client, as well as easier and safer for you as a practiioner! We guarantee you will learn something new to integrate into your practice!

    Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep tissue massage forms the backbone of most massage practices, and by expanding your skill repertoire, you can improve your sessions and set yourself apart from other massage therapists. Courses on specific areas of the body, such as the neck or rotator cuff, may be the most common, but continuing education has much more to offer for deep tissue practitioners.

    Some deep tissue CE classes cover techniques that are only possible through deep tissue work, such as releasing the ribcage for better breathing. Modalities like neuromuscular therapy can make your sessions more effective and help you specialize your practice. If you perform a lot of deep tissue therapy, consider courses covering forearm-only massage or the use to tools to reduce hand strain.