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    Oct 30, 2021, 09:00 Senior Spa 1 & 2

    Geriatric Massage CEU

    Cary, NC


    Sheila Alexander


    Are you ready for the ‘Silver Tsunami’ of Baby Boomers? Learn to massage seniors in all stages of health, apply Ayurvedic principles and incorporate spa services for this special population. Read more…

    Geriatric Massage

    Massage for the elderly demands great care and understanding. By learning to use a light touch, proper stretching and safe techniques, you can help improve your elderly clients’ physical and emotional health. Continuing education for geriatric massage can teach you what you need to know for both massage and other spa therapies.

    Geriatric massage CE classes are unique in that they focus on building postural stability, improving balance and enhancing your client’s quality of life. Home study courses are commonly available as is training in well-known approaches like Compassionate Touch®. You can also find courses that discuss how to succeed performing massages at senior living facilities or how to address conditions like osteoarthritis. Some geriatric massage CE classes may even include hospice massage training.