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    Unlock Your Spine – Undulation

    Palatine, IL


    Anita Boser


    A 90 minute workshop to improve spine health Do you wake up with stiff muscles and joints? Does your back ache? Does your job involve repetitive motion? Do you want to move with more grace and ease? Learn undulation, a gentle movement that massages tissues from the inside and restores… Read more…

    Movement & Exercise

    Massage therapy training often focuses on plain anatomy, but studying the body in motion can have a drastic impact on your technique. Movement and exercise therapies are some of the best ways to improve your client’s flexibility, increase range of motion and re-train problematic muscle groups.

    Somatics, or psychological perception of movement, and kinetic awareness, the physical perception of movement, form the foundation of many movement therapy continuing education courses. Techniques like Trager and Feldenkrais emphasize somatics while dynamic stretching and corrective exercises focus on kinetic awareness. You can also improve your own perception and core strength through self-care courses in tai chi, qigong and yoga.