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    Oncology Massage CEU Class

    Downers Grove, IL


    Eeris Kallil LMT CLT-UE


    You can make a difference in your client’s journey back to health. This workshop will cover: * Facts about breast cancer; risks, symptoms, pathology, and diagnosis. * Modes of conventional & alternative treatments. Read more…

    Oncology Massage

    By modifying existing massage techniques, oncology massage therapy allows cancer patients to experience the benefits of massage safely and comfortably. Continuing education can teach how to adapt to the physical complications associated with cancer and perform massage at your practice, in client’s homes and in clinical settings. You may even be able to find clinical practice programs for hands-on training.

    Oncology massage training often focuses on either the practical or emotional aspects of massage for cancer patients. On the practical side, you can learn how to perform safe chair massage, handle lymphedema and alter your sessions through the different stages of treatment. On the emotional side, you can learn how to adapt modalities like reiki, volunteer in your community and master comfort-oriented massage.