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    Coeur d'Alene, ID


    Jennifer Hansen


    In this 5 hour continuing education course, students will learn a simple yet thorough 30 minute passive stretching routine for the entire body.  Students will learn proper body mechanics while performing passive stretches to ensure their safety and the safety of the client. Read more…

    Therapeutic Massage

    Kerrville, TX


    Michelle Burns


    While exploring signs and symptoms of PTSD and trauma, the characteristics of the 3 classes of PTSD, and the different way PTSD and trauma can manifest during a session, we will learn how massage therapy can positively impact clients suffering from these conditions. Read more…

    Stretch Your Clients!

    Dallas, TX


    Peggy Lamb


    Increase the effectiveness of your massages and make your clients happier by including stretches! Learn table stretches for the lower back, neck, shoulders and chest and the benefits of stretching for common muscular dysfunctions. Read more…

    Massage CE Directory

    Downers Grove, IL


    Julie Freeman


    Learn to use movements to bring awareness of your body alignment to Save You from Pain!!! Understanding our supportive connective tissue and muscles based on Science. Learn techniques to integrate body alignment awareness into your practice. Read more…