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    Thai Foot Reflexology

    Huntsville, AL


    Terrance Bonner


    Working with the reflex points on the feet which corresponds with each organ and system in the body. Emphasis is placed on a hands-on technique used to loosen up and relax the feet as well to encourage the body to naturally restore its own healthy balance. Read more…


    More than just a foot massage, reflexology follows a map of reflex points on the feet, hands and ears that correspond to the body’s organ systems. Practitioners apply pressure to the reflex points to promote wellbeing in those body systems. Some forms of the modality also teach assessment of a client’s feet, hands, face and ears to judge overall health.

    Reflexology continuing education is often split into hand, feet and ear units that can be taken separately. Brief courses will discuss how to incorporate basic techniques into spa massage while specialty training delves into the Chinese medicine basis of the practice, how to address client complaints like headaches and how to use hot stones and other tools in your sessions.