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    September 9, 2019, 013:00:00 Body Mechanics and Personal Care for the Therapist

    Massage Therapist Self Care

    San Antonio, TX


    Clinton Merrifield


    This course focuses of using efficient body mechanics that are essential for the quality of the therapeutic care and the longevity of our massage therapy careers. Unfortunately, some therapists work harder and not smarter, which can result in career-ending injuries. Read more…


    As a massage therapist, it can be hard to help clients when you are stressed, exhausted and aching yourself. Self-care techniques are an essential part of any therapist’s skill set. In self-care continuing education classes, you can expect to learn everything from stress management skills and financial tips to refreshers on body mechanics.

    While many self-care CE courses are geared toward developing personal wellness plans, others are focused on key points like personal meditation, developing financial skills or preventing hand strain. Some address common issues like recovering from burnout or addressing your own aches and pains. Keep an eye out for courses tailored to techniques like yoga or mind-body wellness if they interest you.