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4365 Inverness Drive, Post Falls, ID, United States

The American Institute of  Clinical  Massage creates valuable, well-trained massage therapists for the spa and health care fields of the Inland Northwest by educating its students with advanced teaching methods and clinical practice. We work with and throughout the community to determine what employers need and continuously study and evaluate… Read more…

855 Waterman Avenue, East Providence, RI, United States

S.A.M.A. is the first credentialed, holistic, massage therapy school inspired by ayurvedic, shamanic and traditional medicine in the country! We provide a quality post secondary education that will prepare students to pass the state licensing exam and find employment in the massage and holistic industries. “The doctor of the future… Read more…

Massage Schools in All Locations

For any bodyworker, massage schools are both the start of your journey and way stations on the road to self-improvement. Massage schools provide more than just basic training and fulfillment of credit hour requirements. Each has a unique approach to education, offers different modalities, and approaches massage from a unique perspective. Some massage schools are stand-alone while others are connected to a spa school, holistic healing school or even a local community college. Take your time exploring your options. The massage school you choose will help shape you as a massage therapist.

Massage schools are also a key player in continuing education (CE). Nearby schools are a great place to ask for information on continuing education opportunities, and some even offer their own massage CE courses. Schools that specialize in one type of massage or a targeted approach, like holistic massage, are an excellent place to look.