Advanced Myofascial Release with Muscle Energy Release

September 28, 2019

September 29, 2019

8:30 am To 5:30 pm

148 River Ford Parkway, Asheville, NC, USA




Event Description

A gentle, non – invasive approach to chronic myofascial pain and conditions that is comprehensive and deep. The emphasis is on targeting the fascia that supports and shapes the body and contains trigger points and  acupressure points . Relief and release is achieved by stretching and manipulating the fascia and using  a combination of isometric and active-isolated stretches


Wolfgang Luckmann

2021 Wildcat Cliffs Ln, Lawrenceville, Ga. 30043


About the Instructor

Wolfgang Luckmann has been teaching continuing education classes in massage therapy for over twenty years. He has a teaching degree from South Africa and was trained as a massage therapist and acupuncture physician in the U.S.A. His classes are mainly based on or influenced by Eastern medicine / philosophical principles . He is still currently practicing acupuncture, massage , homeopathy and aromatherapy

Registration Details

Register with Wolfgang Luckmann : / e-mail: [email protected] A $ 50.00 deposit locks down your place. You can pay with check, card or cash  at the door. If paying by card use e-mail address; [email protected]

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Myofascial Release

A popular continuing education choice, myofascial release is a modality that aims to relax tense, constricted fascia surrounding soft tissue. Whether caused by overuse, inactivity or an underlying condition like trauma or disease, the constricted fascia can contribute to muscle tension, poor circulation and referred pain. Practitioners use a light touch and slow motions to “release” constriction in myofascial release sessions or as part of a routine. Expect to find both broad overview and targeted technique programs, including pediatrics, women’s health and approaching illnesses like fibromyalgia.