Functional Body Mechanics & Myofascial Unwinding

September 14, 2019

September 15, 2019

9:00 am To 6:00 pm

Sanctuary Massage, Zillicoa Street, Asheville, NC, USA




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Event Description

is an ecclectic mix of mind body somatic release/integration, osteopathic massage, myofascial unwinding, shiatsu/accupoint therapy, structural integration and functional movement philosophical foundations for rehabilitation and retraining our conscious control of our body and how we choose to be embodied. Even the best bodywork in the world will suffer without this type of integrative facilitation. Two things: gravity will never be kind unless you learn how to work with it and the mind body connection is real. Our sense of self identification and embodyment is just as crucial as all of the good posture in the world. Our mind affects the actual “content” of our tissues and how they will remain/sustain throughout the trials and tribulations that life has for us. Primarily the issue is we do not have the time or luxury to integrate all of the mental and emotional information that we take in on a daily basis. So it becomes stored within the tissue and creates a private life of its own until we have the ability and knowledge to meet it.

During this two day workshop we will be going into the approach which allows for this dialogue to occur between practitioner and the multiple systems interfacing within the client making up what I call the structure of the “somatic being”.  This will include a variety of means for “proprioception”: accessing cranial rhythms throughout the body, accupoint palpation and sensing, osteopathic zones and “diaphragms” which hold the various zones within time and space, and the essence of myofascial unwinding (which relies heavily on this synchronistic observation and feeling of the systems). For one shall not paddle up stream for the body has defenses (fascia) which are set to protect and re-tain structure (even if that structure is crippling the person). It takes intelligence to interface with intelligence and a large part of this work is listening and stepping aside while having a diligent observer present to execute “with” the flow. Where the force is not self created or “pushy”. Where the force comes from the silent and is allowed to make the work of art which is healing.

This course is more than a mind-body and structural integrative practice. In essence it is a response to my 16+ years of practice where I have observed that true rehabilitation (from life, trauma inner or outer) is a process the client must agree to be part of this healing. And for this to take place they must receive coaching from their therapist on how to do this from a structural  , mind-body, and functional body mechanics approach of re-wiring what has been already wired from life trauma and beyond.


David Serra

About the Instructor

David pulls from his practice as a Functional and Folk Medicine coach & healing arts therapist with a rich background in structural therapies, including massage, myofascial release, Shiatsu, Thai, movement-integrative therapies, cura (spirit-energy) healing and psycho-somatic fields. His teachings integrate his experiences with both hands-on, energy healing, and cutting edge research into multiple fields of study into unique classes that emphasize the subtle interconnections of the mind and body, which make all the difference between an empowered healing session and a temporary one. David’s fundamental interest as a teacher is to deeply instill others with the spirit of continuous learning- to walk upon a path of constant evolution of skill-sets and consciousness. He hopes to inspire others to embrace the healing arts even more authentically and practically. 

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