Myoskeletal Alignment Workshop

September 14, 2019

September 15, 2019

8:00 am To 5:00 pm

199 Haywood St, Asheville, NC 28801, United States




Event Description

Come join Paul Kelly on September (14th-15th) for his hands-on workshop showing techniques to help work with: Whiplash, Sacral Torsions & Reactive Muscle Spasms. This is a (16CE) continued education course.

We will also be showing techniques working with Massage & Training Techniques for Assessing & Treating:
Sciatica and functional scoliosis
Neck & rib pain
Rotator cuff tendinopathies
Ankle, knee and hip sports injuriesLow back and sacroiliac pain
Thoracic outlet, carpal tunnel, piriformis and other pain syndromes

Special video animation, anatomy dissection and dozens of head-to-toe hands-on techniques stimulate the visual learner while relaxed practice sessions with highly-skilled MAT teaching assistants delight kinesthetically attuned therapists. Learn how to explain pain, retain clients & raise your rates

Upgrade your skill-set and boost your referrals with Erik Dalton’s extremely popular ‘hands-on’ pain-rehab techniques. Learn WHY they work, and HOW to change the brain’s mind about your client’s pain… the MAT way!


Paul Kelly

2099 Thunderhead Rd



About the Instructor

Paul Kelly is an Advanced Myoskeletal Therapist and an NCBTMB Certified Senior Instructor for the Freedom of Pain Institute. Paul has been mentoring and teaching for nearly two decades and brings a wealth of knowledge from sports medicine and exercise science to his upbeat, dynamic, hands-on presentations. His passion is to help educate his clients and health care professionals so they might tap into a greater understanding of the reflexogenic relationship between muscles and joints. He continues to stay on top of the latest research and developments in all area’s related to structural therapies, nutrition, pain management, and human performance related issues.

Registration Details

Visit for more information, call us at 865-288-4412, or email [email protected] to register!



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