Pain Free Deep Tissue: Epi-Fascial Release Techniques

August 31, 2019

September 1, 2019

8:00 am To 6:30 pm

The Hacienda Hermosa Asheville




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Event Description

Want to take your practice deeper without harming yourself and your client? ERT24 brings you the wisdom of deep tissue with no pain! ERT is a SUPER gentle technique that is DEEPLY effective for all bodies and body types. Class includes 4hrs of Ethics to fulfill NC MT CEU requirements. ERT24 will help you extend your career, and hours with gentle spot focused techniques that alleviate pain and fascial restrictions efficiently and with little to no pressure. Your client will request longer sessions, and you will see profound results by incorporating ERT into your established routine. Class held in a private residence in Asheville with optional hike during break times. Snacks, coffee, light breakfast and lunch will be provided. Please bring food if you have specific dietary needs. Everyone will experience ERT from the Founder/Creatrix for at least 20mins during the class with specific focus on your individual questions and needs. Class is open to 5 people as individualized attention is of utmost importance and the opportunity to have your voice honored in the instance of trauma surfacing is a part of the process in learning all aspects of ERT24. ERT24 @ $425.00 Pay directly to: [email protected] NCBTMB AP#1743 AUS RMT 2002 CAMTC #4340


Tanya Rodriguez

Epi-Fascial Release Techniques

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$300 due day of event

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