The Cranial System: Structure & Motion Advanced

Aug 12, 2022

Aug 14, 2022

9:00 am To 2:49 pm

Deerwood Drive, Asheville, N.C. 28805, USA




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Event Description

This advanced class begins with a brief overview of the first level and then moves on into finding, evaluating, treating and re-evaluating areas of restriction that have created dysfunction within the cranial system. Students will learn advanced techniques to work with areas located at or around primary cranial nerves, sphenobasilar junction, ears, eyes, nose, temporomandibular joint, mandible, throat and hard palate. Class covers different ways to locate and release physical and emotional tension in order to assist the body to return to a natural balance.  Students taking this level of training and advancing their skill level have found to be more in demand for this work. Printed materials included.


Ellen Gayle Sovinee

Post Office Box 19672, Asheville, North Carolina 28815



About the Instructor

Before becoming an individual instructor for this work, she teacher assisted in over 60 classes, precepted in a clinic and received 2 levels of advanced training.  

Registration Details

 Class offered once a year. Important to have taken an initial training and have current practice using techniques and instructor’s approval. Classes in Asheville are kept small so a $50 deposit in advance will hold your space.   Please contact [email protected] for more information and any additional questions regarding this class.  Class is also offered at the NC School of Massage in Cornelius on 9/9/2022-9/11/2022. Contact school directly for registration.  NOTE: Classes only offered once a year and class sizes are kept small.

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While there are many different approaches to the practice, all forms of Craniosacral Therapy (also called CST or cranialsacral therapy) are designed to promote a healthy central nervous system. The modality uses a light touch and can be performed while your client is fully clothed. Craniosacral therapy sessions are typically a stand-alone service.

The idea of manipulating cranial bones, spine, neck and sacrum or the flow of cerebrospinal fluid forms the foundation of most craniosacral therapy CE classes. However, some are based on the idea of essential energy pathways that run through the body. Courses in SomatoEmotional Release (SER), which uses the techniques of craniosacral therapy to help patients recover from negative emotions and trauma, are also available from some craniosacral therapy education providers.