Anma: Traditional Japanese Massage

February 8, 2020

February 8, 2020

8:00 am To 8:00 pm

Best Western Plus Atlanta Airport-East, 301 N Central Ave, Hapeville, GA 30354, USA




Event Description

Anma is a traditional Japanese massage that involves stroking, kneading, pressure, vibration, percussion, and squeezing techniques

This course is specifically designed to be extremely useful for continuing education training for both new and advanced massage therapists.

Anma’s primary technique is a kneading movement, whereas Swedish Massage is based on a stroking technique and Shiatsu is based on a pressure technique.
Shiatsu, a style of bodywork popularized after World War II, was developed from the Amma tradition. Amma brings to Western culture the ancient art and wisdom of traditional Japanese massage.

Anma generally does not utilize oil during massage, it may be performed on a massage table, the floor, massage chair, including while the client is seated in an ordinary chair. This makes amma an extremely flexible style of massage suitable to a wide variety of client needs and environments.

The Basic Techniques of Anma:
Anma contains seven foundational categories of techniques as follows:

Kei Satu Ho: (light stroking technique, this is one of the most common techniques in Anma)

Ju Netsu Ho: (kneading technique, this is the primary technique used in Anma)

Shin Sen Ho: (vibration technique)

Ap Paku Ho: (pressure technique)

Ko Da Ho: (percussion technique)

Kyoku Te Ho: (special percussion technique, only offered in two day class)

Un Do Ho: (stretching and movement technique)

In the Anma: Traditional Japanese Massage class we will demonstrate 45 examples of Anma techniques which will allow the practitioner to give a full body massage.

We will demonstrate 4 special Anma techniques as well.


Kay Tolstrup, LMT, NCBTMB CE Provider, RN, CKTP, CDE, NCBTMBNY CE Provider

About the Instructor

I have been in the Healthcare field for over 30 years. I have owned several Family Practices, a Day Spa, a Home Health Agency, a Medical Transcription Service and have done private duty in patients homes.

As a National CE Provider I travel and teach various courses for MTMB Institute, LLC.

I own Emerald Isle Therapeutic Massage and Spa Treatments and provide services when not traveling.

In 2005 I took my boards for LMT with the intent to practice medical massage but I found the modalities covered by massage therapy so interesting and so fun that I decided to "do it all".

I specialize in Medical Massage, Amna: Traditional Japanese Massage, Anma: Japanese Foot and Hand Massage, Kinesio Taping, Oncology Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Bamboo Fussion Massage, Lypossage Treatments and Reflexology Treatments. I also enjoy doing Wraps, Facials & Scrubs.

I have had many great classes and learning experiences but have really enjoyed my training with creators and specialist for:

Myofacial Release - OMT Therapy – (based on Andrew Taylor Still , D.O. teachings)

Strain-Counterstrain - OMT Therapy – (based on Dr. Lawrence Jones, D.O. teachings)
Ron Lipman, D.O.

Muscle Energy Technique – OMT Therapy – (based on Fred Mitchell, Sr, D.O. teachings)

Lymphatic Pump Technique – OMT Therapy – (based on Earl Miller, D.O. Teaching

Spencers Techniques - OMT Therapy – (based on Charles H. Spencer, D.O teachings)

Soft Tissue Techniques – OMT Therapy
David Tolstrup, D.O.

Craniosacral therapy – OMT Therapy
John Upledger, D.O.

Lypossage Anti-Cellulite Massage (Masters level)
with creator Charles W. Wiltsie III, LMT

ANMA: The Art of Japanese Massage

The Art of Japanese Hand Massage

The Art of Japanese Foot Massage (prone position)

The Art of Japanese Foot Massage (supine position)
with Dr. Shogo Mochizuki

Bamboo-Fusion Massage
with creator Nathalie Cecilia

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Striking a balance between classic massage and traditional Chinese medicine, anma or amma is a traditional Japanese massage technique that formed the foundation of modern shiatsu. It is a vigorous massage designed to reach deep tissue and encourage blood flow along energy meridians through stretching, kneading, acupressure and range-of-motion exercises. Because it is usually performed on a floor mat, without oil and with the client clothed, is easy to incorporate into a variety of business models.

In the United States, anma is often easiest to learn through distance learning opportunities. The most common continuing education available is shiatsu-anma, which combines the two Japanese modalities into an energetic shiatsu session. Some courses also incorporate information on holistic nutrition, exercise and herbal medicine.