HOOPTEES Internationale, Hoopment Educational Resources

13805 Ann Place, Austin, TX, USA



HOOPTEES Internationale, HER, is the education side of Margarita Navarrete-Hutchinson’s massage practice.

Margarita became an Instructor & CE Provider in 2018, driven by the desire to share the self-care practice that helped her rehabilitate her shoulder; and has kept her, and her clients, moving fluidly ever since.

Margarita has been practicing massage in Texas since 2003; and has been practicing “Flow Arts” since 2005.

Hoopment was born through the integration of her massage therapy and flow practices.

HOOPTEES are: Happy Open Observant Playful Timeless Embracing Everything Souls

Experience Hoopment for yourself, every Thursday from 1-2 pm, at Sol Healing and Wellness Center (13805 Ann Pl) for free!

We will also be Exploring Movement Through Hoopment once a month, on Sundays, at Sol.  Check their calendar for group Hoopment dates.

Both gatherings are free, though gratitude gifts are appreciated, to help cover the cost of studio rental. 

For folks on the NW side, I am facilitating Hoopment at Rumi’s every other Wednesday, starting April 18th, from 1:30-3:00 pm, at Rumi’s Tavern in Jonestown. HaR is a free community event!

I provide 32 hoops in 4 different diameters, for folks to explore their spheres, with the hoops as their guides. 

Feel it for yourself; if you love it, register for the CE classes!

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