Releasing the Rotator Cuff

Jun 27, 2021

Jun 27, 2021

10:00 am To 4:30 pm

Austin, TX, USA




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Event Description

Discover the tools to give your clients complete freedom from shoulder pain. Learn about rotator cuff injuries, how to release the affected muscles and prevent future injuries. Experience the power of Peggy Lamb's Muscle Swimming techniques, practice skills in class and be confident in implementing this technique. These days everyone and their dentist has a rotator cuff injury! You will have a waiting-list practice!


Peggy Lamb

8400 JAMESTOWN DR #118 Austin, TX


About the Instructor

Peggy Lamb, LMT, BCTMB, MA is the founder of Massage Publications, providing resources for massage therapists with continuing education courses, books, and DVDs.  Her coaching and course work empower LMT’s so abundance and prosperity flows into their lives. 


Peggy brings her eclectic and extensive background into her teaching for an interesting, enjoyable and enlightening learning experience. 


In addition to her extensive training in massage therapy, Peggy holds a master’s degree in Dance from American University in Washington, D.C. She has volunteered for over 10 years with “Truth be Told”, teaching creative movement and writing to incarcerated women.


 When she’s not working, Peggy can be found dancing, swimming in Austin’s Barton Springs, hiking or even dog sledding.

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Early bird registration discount: $130.00 before June 13, 2021

Register on-line at the link below or call 512-833-0179

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