Advanced Holistic Healing Arts

16 Shady Bluff Court, Wimberley, TX, USA



Founded in 2005, Advanced Holistic Healing Arts was created to enhance opportunities for each of us to take charge of our health. Our mission is to provide the tools to empower each of us to live a more healthful, balanced and “wholistic” life.

Advanced Holistic Healing Arts works from the foundational beliefs that:

  1. we are all healers and, as healers, we each seek our own path to self-healing and knowledge and
  2. collaboration is the most effective path to healing.

My Vision

Each of us is our own most important and knowledgeable advocate and our greatest successes come from our ability to collaborate to achieve our goals.

My Mission

The mission of AHHA is to provide timely, practical, advanced education in techniques for safe, compassionate relief from pain.

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