Kyle C. Wright, LMBT

820 Tyvola Road, Charlotte, NC, United States


(980) 224-8449

2 day CE Workshops May-Sept each year

Kyle Wright, LMBT is founder of the Schools of Advanced Bodywork in NC and FL.  Kyle is a practicing therapist for 30+ years as well as the published author of Structural Balancing: A Clinical Approach, which is the primary text for his schools of advanced bodywork.  Kyle has taught clinical massage therapy for over 20 years offering his students the ability to alleviate chronic soft tissue pain due to injury or postural distortion for which many have not yet found relief.  Taking continuing education with Kyle will help therapists to put that “wow” factor in their therapies as clients will be wowed by results his students/graduates can accomplish.  The work Kyle teaches is very deep.  But very slow, to affect permanent change in the anatomy without any pain or soreness afterwards.  Learn the skills and techniques that will give your clients their range of motion back and have them opposing gravity more efficiently.  Movement is life and with Kyle’s knowledge and skills, you will be able to give your clients their life back!

Take continuing education classes that will motivate you and give you a skill level that will allow you to alleviate chronic pain, for which many have not yet found relief.  Learn to make permanent change in the anatomy of pain to help your clients oppose gravity more efficiently which in turn will give them better range of motion and optimum performance!

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