Manual Lymphatic Drainage Certification

Feb 5, 2022

Feb 9, 2022

8:30 am To 4:30 pm

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA


(207) 232-4507


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Event Description

Basic MLD Certification This will qualify practitioners to work extensively with conditions of the lymphatic system, excluding disorders where there is a direct lymphatic pathology, i.e. cancer treatment of the lymph nodes, lymph node removal, and types of edemas that require bandaging. This is ideal for those who work outside of a direct medical setting, i.e. massage therapists and aestheticians. The cost of tis course is $2195 and includes the home study, hardback text and the five day onsite course. With this certification, you would be able to safely treat: whole-body tissue detoxification, symptoms of lupus, arthritis, RA, osteoarthritis, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, aesthetics, cellulite, lymphatic facial detoxification, wrinkles, scarring, and swelling due to surgical procedures, oncology care, trauma and much more.

Does not include the CLT credential, bandaging or compression garment fitting instruction (please see our website for CLT certification)


Stacey Scanlon & Susan Isaac

Monarch Continuing Education

About the Instructor

Stacey Scanlon OTR/L, OCC, CLT-LANA, graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a Masters in Occupational Therapy in 2011. She was trained with Monarch Continuing Education in 2017 and began building her professional practice around lymphedema therapy and related disorders. Stacey became Monarch’s Director of Education and lead instructor in 2020. She currently practices as a CLT on a consultative basis, but spends most of her professional time supporting Monarch graduates and adding to/ developing content for CE courses.

Susan Isaac, PTA, CLT-LANA, is a 1998 graduate of Midway College. In 2002 Susan took her initial lymphedema training and has since amassed additional hours of specialty training in lymphedema therapy. Susan has focused on patient treatment and educating the medical community on lymphatic disorders and patient treatment throughout her career. Currently practicing in a hospital-based outpatient lymphedema and wound clinic, she is developing an oncology rehabilitation program with a focus on lymphedema. Susan joined Monarch Continuing Education as an instructor in 2017. Her professional memberships include APTA 1998 to present; Oncology Section APTA to present; National Lymphedema Network; and PTA Special Interest Group KPT.

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The purpose of the training is to become proficient in the techniques of Manual Lymph Drainage and Complete Decongestive Therapy.

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Charlotte, NC

Stacey Scanlon & Susan Isaac



Full MLD/CDP Certification Complete training is recommended for anyone who wants to treat more complex medical patients such as oncology patients, patients who have had lymph nodes removed or radiated, or those with extensive vascular edema with skin deterioration/ulceration. This is really key to seeing big reductions in patients with… Read more…

Lymphatic Massage

Developed in France in the 1930s, manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a gentle massage technique that helps drain lymph and the waste products it carries. It is commonly used to treat lymphedema, but it can also help maintain a healthy body and encourage soft tissue healing. It is a popular compliment to sports, medical and deep tissue massages.

Manual lymphatic drainage is one of the simplest yet most practical techniques you can learn through continuing education courses. You can expect comprehensive learning about the lymph system as a whole and an in-depth look at the causes of lymphedema. Some courses teach the basic technique only, but many focus on its benefits in sports massage, post-surgical care and as an alternative therapy for chronic illness.