Cupping for Manual Therapists – The Cupping Revolution

October 12, 2019

October 13, 2019

10:00 am To 6:00 pm

65 East Wacker Place, Chicago, IL, USA




Event Description

Day 1:
• the history of cupping therapy, and its uses through the ages, and the contemporary model of cupping
• the histology of Cupping
• the physiology of why cupping works
• discussion of cupping marks, and what they mean
• indications and contraindications for cupping
• safety, cleaning and disinfection, and proper use of cupping vessels based on World Health Organization standards
• how to use both plastic and silicone cups
• learn 12 kinds of cupping
• therapeutic use for cupping

Day 2:

touching on concepts from Traditional Chinese Medicine, related to cupping reactions, and suitability of specific cupping techniques (eg. wind, stagnation, excess, deficient, heat, cold techniques to treat common conditions joint mobilizations, dynamic movement techniques
when to use which techniques and why
treating the fascia
​​​​​​​treatment in prone, supine, and side lying positions
facial cupping
treating muscle and tendon issues

– Includes a set of 6 silicone cups 4 sizes of body cups, and 2 sizes of facial cups
– You also receive our 70 page course manual, chocked full of information and research on cupping therapy
– A course certificate for CEU (NCBTMB approved)
– Access to our private Facebook Group: The Cupping Project upon course completion, where videos of the course materials, and all teaching materials are available, as well as ongoing teaching.


Lisa Dowling

1134 Kingston Rd. Pickering Ontario


About the Instructor

Lisa Dowling entered the world of healing and bodywork through her own journey that began at the age of seven, when a freak accident left her with long term health issues and chronic pain. She found shiatsu therapy through her chiropractor who suggested it to help manage her pain. Five years later Lisa found herself on a treatment mat in Thailand, and knew that she had found her calling.

From that day in 1997 it has been a constant learning and growing process. Lisas' studies in thai massage, sshiatsu, movement therapy, western sciences - anatomy and physiology, osteopathic techniques, massage, reflexology, acupuncture - specifically Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion, and cupping were fueled by her own desire to learn to manage chronic pain.

Lisa taught at the Shiatsu School of Canada since 2008, and teaching cupping since 2009. Currently she is teaching at the Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Since 2015, Lisa has formed the Meridian Therapy Institute where she provides courses in Eastern Medicine, Meridian Therapy, Acupressure, Moxibustion, and Cupping to Massage Therapists, bodywork professionals and Acupuncturists  . 

Registration Details

Register by August 29 and receive our Early Bird pricing of $479

From March 1 the cost will be $539

includes a course manual and a set of 6 cups

small class sizes, so they often sell out!

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Cupping Massage

Used by multiple cultures for thousands of years, cupping therapy is believed to encourage blood flow in areas of the body that need relaxation and healing. Traditional methods use heat to warm cups that are then placed over the skin. As the cup cools, it creates a vacuum that gently draws the skin into the cup. Newer methods like vacuum therapy use mechanical aids to create suction.

Cupping CE courses are offered in both traditional and modern methods. Traditional methods include standard cupping and stronger suction methods like fire cupping. Modern methods include hand-pump suction and vacuum therapy. Oil-aided applications that allow the cup to be moved can be applied to most methods, and silicon cups can be used for facials and patients that bruise easily.