Manual Lymphatic Drainage Certification for Massage Therapists

September 28, 2019

October 2, 2019

8:00 am To 6:00 pm

Denver, CO, USA



Event Description

MLD certification is recommended for massage therapists who find themselves seeing more and more medically complex clients and wanting to “do no harm”. Its also recommended for MTs seeing clients with edema, bruising, pain, or inflammation that simply cannot tolerate, or should not receive, deep tissue massage or less specific types of body work. Clients with a past history of oncology care, patients who have had lymph nodes removed or radiated, or those with venous insufficiency related edema all need specific manual skills that stem from specialized training. With this certification, you would be able to safely treat lymphatic congestion of the whole body, including symptoms of lupus, arthritis, RA, osteoarthritis, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia. In addition, you will be able to safely perform MLD to decrease congestion in a limb that has been affected by injury, surgery or lymph node removal or chemo/radiation. Aesthetics, cellulite, lymphatic facial detoxification, wrinkles, scarring, and swelling due to surgical procedures will also be addressed as well as primary pathologies, lipedema and venous insufficiency.


Robyn Bjork

About the Instructor

Robyn Bjork, PT, CLWT, CWS, CLT-LANA is the Founder and CEO of the International Lymphedema & Wound Training Institute (ILWTI). She is a Physical Therapist who is an expert in the field of wound care and lymphedema management and is passionate about training and mentoring others. Bjork teaches nationally and internationally on topics related to wound care, edema and lymphedema management. She has over 20 years of wound care, edema and lymphedema clinical management and teaching experience, spanning outpatient, inpatient, transitional, long term, home care and private practice settings.

Bjork is a chapter co-author on Lymphedema in 2018 Textbook of Chronic Wound Care: An Evidence-Based Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment, has authored articles in Wounds International, Pathways and Wound Care Advisor, and has written, produced, and implemented over 155 hours of advanced, accredited curriculum for certifying wound and lymphedema specialists in the USA and abroad. She developed and implemented the only dual wound and lymphedema certification program in the USA and South Africa, the "Certified Lymphedema & Wound Therapist" training course, and has successfully integrated the curriculum into the transitional Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at Nova Southeastern University.

In 2006, Bjork founded a Physical Therapy based Wound and Lymphedema Clinic in her hometown, Hayward, WI. "I was amazed at the number of people who came to seek treatment for wounds they had for years, and people suffering from lymphedema who never knew there was any treatment for it," she recalls. "It was such a relief to those individuals when we were able to heal their chronic wounds and get their edema under control". Today, she continues to passionately lead clinical practice by elevating the care of individuals with lymphedema, advocating for access to modern imaging technologies for lymphatic assessments, transforming CDT into an integrate rehabilitation model, and advancing chronic wound healing through education.

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