Bodywork for Depression and Anxiety

Jul 27, 2022

Jul 29, 2022

9:30 am To 4:30 am

Shared Visions Retreat Center, Murphy School Road, Durham, NC, USA





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“This workshop is extraordinary in all ways.  There is enormous depth to this material.  the instructors are informed, thoughtful and create a profound space for students.  The small class size was amazing!”  2021 participant

Depression and anxiety has become an epidemic in our society with more people than ever seeking relief through both conventional and alternative methods. Trauma, loss, and the everyday challenges of daily life can create constriction and loss of connection in the physical and emotional body. From these big and small traumas, our body begins to form in a way that sets in fatigue, exhaustion, distress, difficulty focusing, irritability and physical pain.

The physical toll of depression and anxiety reveals itself in the body through tension, pain, misalignment and discomfort. In this course you will learn specific hands-on massage techniques that unwind targeted areas of the body that have been contracted, bringing more flow and movement into the structure. We will look at the science behind depression and anxiety, what is happening in the brain as well as the importance of understanding conventional treatments. We will explore emotional anatomy, including how the body is shaped by our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, and discuss how mindfulness practices can help free us from negative thought patterns. We will incorporate movement and grounding body-centered practices can help support a distressed emotional body system.

You will learn simple body-centered practices to help people feel more alive, connected and embodied through breath, bioenergetics, hands-on work and a compassionate presence. Through these embodied practices you will discover the body’s innate ability to recalibrate, reset and restore to its natural flow, beyond depression and anxiety.

This hands-on and highly experiential class is intended for the bodywork practitioner to support clients in the healing of depression and anxiety however, this training is open to everyone interested in empowering massage and bodywork tools to help feel more vital in everyday life.


Tracey Moon, LMBT & Sharon Nash ,MA

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$400 early registration price.  Hold your spot with a $100 deposit.  Online registration or call 919-907-0579.


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Body Psychology

Also known as somatic psychology, body psychology examines the link between the physical body and thoughts, emotions and memory. Modalities that incorporate body psychology often explore the link between physical tension and negative emotions, self-discovery through movement and using the senses to achieve wellness.

Continuing education courses focusing on body psychology cover a wide range of topics from mindfulness yoga to the psychological impact of massage. One of the more prominent modalities is Somatic Experiencing (SE), a therapeutic mindfulness technique designed to help victims of trauma see the link between sensations and the lingering impact of their experiences. Because body psychology courses teach new methods of assessment and thinking, most courses will be moderate to lengthy in time commitments.