FUNdamentals Barefoot Massage

Jan 21, 2021

Jan 23, 2021

9:00 am To 6:00 pm

3101 Guess Road Suite B, Durham, NC, USA




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3 DAYS, 24 CE'S, $670 FUNdamentals barefoot massage is where it all begins! This is our introductory barefoot massage class where we use predominately one-footed strokes so that we can vary the pressure and weight of strokes depending on the clients' needs. Even if you have previous barefoot massage training this is a great place to start learning Fasciashi and how the Center for Barefoot Massage is different. Barefoot massage techniques are applied to posterior aspects of the client’s body, and your weight and natural gravitational forces are utilized to effortlessly maintain consistent pressure. Comprehensive “feet-on” practice will allow you to explore the strokes on different clients in class, and you will awaken your feet’s therapeutic potential. You will also experience TWO days of the work from other therapists learning the technique. It's an amazing learning experience! The strokes designed are based on years of barefoot massage experience with the authors’ personal clientele base and of other therapists. Class time is usually 9 am-6 pm every day with a 1-hour lunch at 12 pm. Prerequisite: Licensed/Registered/Certified Massage Therapist


Julie Marciniak

3101 Guess Road Suite B, Durham, NC 27705


About the Instructor

I have to pinch myself sometimes when I think about how long I have been practicing bodywork. 28 years and counting! It has been quite the journey. They say the average career span of a massage therapist can be 5-7 years. How have I lasted this long?? Ashiatsu barefoot massage!! After 10 years of practicing deep tissue massage, I was looking for alternative modalities because my arms, hands, and back were constantly bothering me.

In 2002  I began my barefoot journey, and I’ve never looked back! Three years later barefoot massage inspired me to go back to school to the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO and receive my Rolfing certification. I love structural work and being able to use my feet and adapt it to work with the fascia is incredible! In 2018, I completed my 168 hr Advanced Rolfing™️ certification. Learning barefoot bodywork has changed my life and extended my career beyond my wildest expectations! Read more about my experience in my blog 'Massage, Rolfing and Life Experiences'.

I've been an    Ashiatsu barefoot massage instructor for 12 years now and I love teaching other therapists the possibilities of barefoot massage. It's not easy, nor glamorous, and quite time-consuming. But it's extremely rewarding to help massage therapists find hope after they thought their career was over. Or to help breathe new life in a boring Swedish slumber massage practice for those fresh out of massage school. I also own and run Bull City Soles Massage and Bodywork studio where our therapists provide barefoot massage EVERY DAY. We have the experience to help you transform your practice into a full-time barefoot massage practice. Register now to begin YOUR ashiatsu massage training and get ready to be blown away!

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A Deposit of $335 is required to hold your spot. 

Prerequisite: Licensed/Registered/Certified Massage Therapist 

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