Cupping for Manual Therapists

February 16, 2019

February 17, 2019

10:00 am To 6:00 pm

9801 Fair Oaks Blvd Ste 200, Fair Oaks, CA 95628




Event Description

What makes us unique?
What makes this training unique from other courses is that we approach cupping from all traditions. We explain the roots of cupping from Traditional medicine, and how the concepts of heat and cold, excess and deficiency, Yin and Yang effect our treatment and outcomes when practicing cupping. We package this information in a way that helps practitioners easily understand the concepts and make them deliverable to the client. We also discuss the physiological effects of cupping, citing research that has been compiled to give us a greater understanding of the work.
We present the material in an easy to grasp and very enjoyable atmosphere. We are serious about getting our message across, and making sure that practitioners are working safely, in their clients best interest, and we continue the opportunity to learn with us through a secret Facebook Group, The Cupping Project, that you qualify to join once you have completed the training. This secret group allows us to offer continued support when needed, thus saving you time and money on a longer class. We don’t want to waste your precious time on repetition in the classroom, instead you have the opportunity to review all of the techniques by video in our secret group. We also provide access to the research that we have compiled on cupping, consent forms, and discounts to our advanced Master Class courses.

This is the right course for you if you are:
Concerned about your clients’ well-being, and dedicated to safety and best practices
An open-minded practitioner, who thinks for themselves and is not looking for a ‘recipe’ treatment, but instead a framework to develop your own unique treatment method
Hoping to save your hands, while providing highly effective and marketable treatments
A high caliber practitioner, hoping to elevate your skill level, and POP your practice
The kind of person who enjoys having a LOT of fun in a learning environment

Course Objectives:
Day 1
Learn the history of cupping and how cupping has developed through the ages
Understand the similarities and differences between cupping devices
Practice Three depths of cupping
Learn 12 styles of cupping and their clinical uses
Differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate treatment
Understand indications, contraindications and cautions for cupping
Learn about cupping marks, what they indicate, and best course of treatment
Demonstration and practice of the back, legs, and chest in prone position
Demonstration and practice of treatment for the abdomen in supine position
Demonstration and practice of scar treatment

Day 2
Touch on concepts of Traditional East Asian Medicine
Learn proper disinfection and safety with cupping devices
Demonstration and practice of facial cupping, treating conditions of the face and neck
Demonstration and practice of leg mobilizations and treatment in supine position
Demonstration and practice of neck and shoulder mobilizations and treatment in side lying position
Demonstration and practice of hip and low back mobilizations and treatment in side lying and prone position


Laura Krieger

2604 E Santa Fe Ave, Fullerton CA 92831


About the Instructor

When I graduated from high school, I skipped college and went straight into the work field. I got married early 3o some years I had several meaningless jobs that I just wasn’t happy doing.   I was diagnosed the chronic migraines as a teenager which made holding a job difficult.  About 11 years ago I hear this small voice in my head repeatedly saying for several weeks, ‘you need to look into massage’.  So, I did. I researched several schools, visited a few of them, did my research/homework and I chose a school that best fit my needs. I learned techniques that I could use to help myself when I felt a migraine coming on. 10 years ago, I graduated from massage school and worked a few places while slowly building my practice.

A few years ago, I attended a massage conference in San Diego. I was having a pretty bad migraine that day and feeling pretty nauseated. There was this cupping company there and one of my colleagues suggested I give it a try. I had my back worked on. I remember thinking ‘this is kind’a cool’.  Afterwards, I was feeling so much better, I bought a set to play with at home. I was having so much fun with them I wanted to know more. Has anyone experienced cupping before? Had it done on yourself?

This class opened in San Diego in 2017 and I jumped at the chance to enroll. I’m so glad I did because it was even better than I thought.  I learned so much. I was also having some back pain that weekend. It felt like I had a rib out and I just could not get comfortable. Lisa worked on me with the silicone cups. She placed a couple of them stationary around my scapula and ran another one along my back. She did a little ROM work with my arm and when she was done…the pain was gone, I DO NOT KID YOU! I could breathe EASIER and move PAIN FREE.

I was hooked from then on.

Now I use them all the time in my practice and my clients are always ask me, ‘hey can we do that cuppy thing again.’ 

Cupping is fun, cupping is easy and that’s why I want to share my experience with other like you to help you ‘pop’ your practice!

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Cupping CE courses are offered in both traditional and modern methods. Traditional methods include standard cupping and stronger suction methods like fire cupping. Modern methods include hand-pump suction and vacuum therapy. Oil-aided applications that allow the cup to be moved can be applied to most methods, and silicon cups can be used for facials and patients that bruise easily.