Bamboo-Fusion on the Table Massage Class level 2 – A Clinical Approach

Aug 6, 2022

Aug 7, 2022

9:00 am To 6:00 pm

Hollywood, FL, USA




Event Description

Bamboo-Fusion on the Table Level 1 is a requirement for this Advanced class.

In the Advanced class, you will learn how to use the bamboo sticks in the deepest way on very specific areas of the body. The workshop will cover the entire body and you will be able to help clients with many conditions such as neck pain, frozen shoulders, sciatica, etc… You will learn many therapeutic techniques such as releasing the psoas with the bamboo stick.

This training will complete your practice and you will feel even more confident to bring such an amazing modality to your clients.

Students can buy bamboo sets and heating pads while in class with the “Students Special”.


Veronique Farnault

(786) 355-0692



About the Instructor


When growing up in France, Veronique Farnault gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of the human body, the way it moves, and how it is held, through diverse dance styles such as ballet, Afro-Brazilian, modern, jazz as well as gymnastics. Her dance experience in France and her discovery of the wisdom of the East through yoga served as a dual foundation upon which the Educating Hands Massage School of Miami was built, exposing her to a wide range of modalities in 2001. This multidimensional training and approach are at the source of every stroke received on her table.

Veronique has been a licensed massage therapist for over twenty years, specializing in deep relaxation with Bamboo-fusion massage, cupping, shiatsu, connective tissue massage, reflexology, and aquatic bodywork. She loves giving bamboo massage as her signature treatment, incorporating deep tissue work without fatigue, saving her hands and wrists from repetitive stress. Veronique enjoys sharing this extraordinary technique with every massage therapist she encounters as a way to make a difference in the world one person at a time.

Visit with Véronique at

Partners In Healing

12525 Orange Drive 

Suite 713

Davie, Fl 33330

(954) 680-5500

Experience the Bamboo-Fusion massage treatment or ask Véronique for your very own, private class.


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