Oahu-Cupping for Manual Therapists

July 27, 2019

July 28, 2019

10:00 am To 6:00 pm

2636 Pamoa Road, Honolulu, HI, USA

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Event Description

The Cupping Revolution is coming to the Big Island on June 1st and 2nd, 2019. Learn how to properly use different types of cups, different styles of cupping and what the marks mean. Save your hands let the cups do the work.


Tanya Mendoza

94-741 Kupuohi St




About the Instructor

My name is Tanya Mendoza and I have been a massage therapist for 22 years.  I started my massage journey because I struggle with hereditary degenerative disc issues, then as a teenager I had a disc herniation from a karate injury.  Doctors told me to avoid surgery, and to avoid too much activity.  After years of being inactive, I knew life needed to be different.  So I decided to be proactive in my own health.  In massage school one of my required classes was movement.  I chose yoga and it changed my life.  I found that our bodies NEED movement to be healthy.  I enjoy massaging my clients and educating them how to be proactive in their own health and recovery. 

Almost two years ago I became aware of The Cupping Revolution and worked with Lisa to bring her class to Hawaii since we have a lack of good continuing education courses here, and cupping is such a powerful tool.

Now I want to educate other massage therapists about how to prolong their careers and grow their practice with cupping therapy.  

Registration Details

$449 Early Bird  $499 June 26th

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Cupping Massage

Used by multiple cultures for thousands of years, cupping therapy is believed to encourage blood flow in areas of the body that need relaxation and healing. Traditional methods use heat to warm cups that are then placed over the skin. As the cup cools, it creates a vacuum that gently draws the skin into the cup. Newer methods like vacuum therapy use mechanical aids to create suction.

Cupping CE courses are offered in both traditional and modern methods. Traditional methods include standard cupping and stronger suction methods like fire cupping. Modern methods include hand-pump suction and vacuum therapy. Oil-aided applications that allow the cup to be moved can be applied to most methods, and silicon cups can be used for facials and patients that bruise easily.