Massage for Sports Injuries

May 18, 2024

May 19, 2024

9:00 am To 5:00 pm

4-941a Kuhio Hwy, Kapaʻa, HI 96746, USA




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Rehabilitative Massage for Sports Injuries – Upper(Sat) & Lower Body(Sun)

May 18-19. $185 each or $350 for both. 8CEs each.

Help your clients with concussions, runner’s knee, shin splints & more. Learn underlying physiology, rules of recovery, and basic tools for common sports injuries.

Add CPR for $55 and get a FREE 4CE online class


Laura Parker, LMT


(302) 668-4861

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Sign up at Call at 302-668-4861 or email – la***@ma**********.guru

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Rehabilitative Massage

While it is often associated with recovery from sports injury, surgery or major trauma, rehabilitative massage can also be used to help people that suffer from chronic pain or musculoskeletal dysfunction. It is less intensive than orthopedic massage but still uses deep tissue techniques to promote healing.

Rehabilitative massage continuing education is unique in that most courses are focused on a particular technique, tool or physiological concern with few general overview courses available. These classes are moderate in length and an excellent choice for any bodyworker. Common courses include scar therapy, how to use kinesthetic taping and optimizing techniques like cross-fiber friction for spasm release. More in-depth courses may cover complex issues like oncology rehab or tackling phantom limb pain.

Sports Massage

Designed to aid athletic performance and help the body heal after exertion, sports massage focuses on key muscle groups and sets clear goals for each session. While often covered only briefly in massage schools, sports massage CE courses can help you perform more effective, efficient sessions for professional athletes and weekend warriors alike.

Classes in sports massage are dominated by phase-specific techniques for pre- or post-event, recovery, maintenance and rehabilitation massage. Rehabilitation courses often teach how to alter treatment protocols through different stages of healing. You can find courses specialized for certain sports, like running and golfing, learn how to get into event massage or use tools like heat packs and kinesiology tape.