Fijian Barefoot Massage Training

May 3, 2019

May 3, 2019

8:30 am To 7:00 pm

The Barefoot Masters®, 4861 Hickory Wood Drive, Naples, FL, USA




Event Description

Fijian Deep Tissue Barefoot Massage is a seated routine all done with the therapists foot. The neuromuscular-like moves are very precise and detailed. Client is fully dressed. No lotion or massage table is needed. A mat, a sheet, a pillow and face cradle and fold up stools are all that the therapists needs. To go to massage is ready at a moments notice. And is great for outdoor events.Every massage therapist should have the course tucked in their tool belt. Course includes a full digital manual and video that you receive once you register. Also included is a face cradle and a free ethics online course for 6 more CE. Bring one sheet and one pair of socks.


Michelle Mace, LMT

The Barefoot Masters®

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Ashiatsu Massage

Few deep tissue techniques can work deeper than ashiatsu massage, a type of massage that uses the practitioner’s feet as well as hands, fingers and elbows to apply pressure. A typical ashiatsu setup includes both a massage table and ceiling-mounted bars that allow the practitioner to stay steady while standing on the table and applying targeted pressure with bare feet. It is an ideal way for massage therapists to reduce hand strain, and it can be performed with the client clothed.

Because ashiatsu is founded on traditional Chinese medicine, many ashiatsu massage trainings will cover energy meridians and mind-body balance, but not all courses take this approach. Some focus only on proper technique, safety and building your own strength and balance for better sessions.