Myofascial Mobilization

October 10, 2020

October 11, 2020

9:00 am To 3:00 pm

Sheraton Oklahoma City Downtown Hotel, 1 North Broadway Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA




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Event Description

This fascinating introductory, hands-on workshop will introduce the theory of Myofascial Release and the hands-on sessions will primarily focus on the upper and lower extremities, cervical, thoracic and lumbar areas. Learn valuable myofascial soft tissue


Bryan Kuss

Myofascial Release Seminars

About the Instructor

Bryan graduated from the Northern Institute of Massage in 1991, from a 2200 hour program. He also taught at the same school after he graduated and still teaches at the Massage School in Saskatoon. He is a Registered Massage Therapist in the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada with MTAS, License #97-0192. Bryan has studied Myofascial Release with John F. Barnes since 1995 and has assisted the Myofascial Release Seminar Series for more than 10 years. Bryan has an extensive background in the field of bodywork; Paul St. John NMT, Sports Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Therapeutic Touch, Muscle energy work and is also a certified Hanna Somatic Educator in movement therapy. Bryan has been the owner and operator of Soma Massage and Myofascial Treatment Centre for more than 25 years. He specializes in the John F. Barnes Approach to Myofascial Release, has completed all of John Barnes’ training and continues to study and work extensively with the Myofascial Release Seminars.

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Myofascial Release

A popular continuing education choice, myofascial release is a modality that aims to relax tense, constricted fascia surrounding soft tissue. Whether caused by overuse, inactivity or an underlying condition like trauma or disease, the constricted fascia can contribute to muscle tension, poor circulation and referred pain. Practitioners use a light touch and slow motions to “release” constriction in myofascial release sessions or as part of a routine. Expect to find both broad overview and targeted technique programs, including pediatrics, women’s health and approaching illnesses like fibromyalgia.