Workplace Conflict Shifting From Crisis to Calm

Nov 8, 2020

Nov 8, 2020

10:00 am To 12:00 pm

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Workplace conflict arises between two or more people as a disharmonious interaction of personalities based on misunderstanding or disagreement during client interactions, colleague relationships and daily business transactions. An understanding of how the individual personality responds during conflict can refine professional behavior and redefine our interpretation of ethical codes of conduct and industry standards of practice. What’s Your Professional Character in Conflict?¬†Every massage therapist has their own, unique personality that is always present within their professional character. This personality is made up of a unique set of morals, values and beliefs that influence the professional decision-making process. Visit our website to take the free personality quiz before signing up for class.


Charlene Gaffney

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Continuing education in ethics may be required for re-certification, but basic refreshers are only the tip of the continuing education iceberg. Massage ethics CE courses are an opportunity to explore the emotional intricacies of massage, evaluate how you conduct yourself both in and outside of sessions and help you handle difficult situations.

Ethics CE classes can broaden your communication skills through topics like cultural sensitivity and the innate intimacy of massage. Learn how to navigate situations like client emotional release, drawing and enforcing boundaries and how to turn down clients. If you need to fulfill your re-certification requirement, look for courses that include Standard V and meet any applicable credit hour demands.