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Our goals:
• Provide a variety of different modalities to encourage career long learning by continuing to stimulate curiosity and interest in something new.
• Encourage better techniques and practices that will lengthen careers by working more efficiently and effectively.
• Enhance knowledge on client assessment and treatment using on table and movement techniques to assist therapists in addressing client’s chronic issues.
• Offer high quality continuing education options to maximize opportunities for learning.
• And most importantly, keep the passion we all have for helping others stay strong in everything we do!

History of the Body Mind Learn Center

Kim Farrell, BSCI, FAFS, LMT, CPT started her own practice, Structural-Balance holistic bodywork studio, in 2014 in Palatine, Illinois. After completing her structural integration training, Kim was interested in bringing the knowledge she learned to the Chicagoland area. The first workshop for therapists was held in 2015. Subsequently in 2016, the Midwest Regional Structural Integration (MRSI) Center was opened as a wholly owned subsidiary of Structural-Balance to host and market structural integration and other classes. After 2 years and over 20 workshops, she realized the MRSI Center did not fit the expanding workshop type and clients. In 2018, the facility was rebranded as the Body Mind Learn Center to properly encompass all modalities and opportunities.

About Us

Kim Farrell, BSCI, FAFS, LMT, CPT is the owner of the Body Mind Learn Center. A practicing structural integrator and massage therapist, Kim also provides her own series of introductory bodywork classes based on the tenets of myofascial release and movement. In 2018 Kim graduated the GIFT program to become a Fellow of Applied Functional Science (FAFS) which will further integrate off table techniques and knowledge into her structural integration base.
Beth Long is the (mostly) silent partner and assistant of the Body Mind Learn Center. Beth provides technical and management support for the workshops and classes. She is the person you reach when you make contact through the main contact information number and email. Beth also handles most website and event coordination issues.

We know that this center can not operate without YOU so your input is extremely important to us.  If you ever have any suggestions of courses to bring into the center or suggestions on to how make anything better, please contact us anytime.  [email protected]

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