Barefoot Training Specialist – Level 2 Training (Gait Assessment)

May 19, 2019

May 20, 2019

9:00 am To 6:00 am

Body Mind Learn Center, North North Court, Palatine, IL, USA




Event Description

Barefoot Training Specialist® Level 2 14 NCBTMB pending,
ACE 1.4
NASM 1.4
PMA® 14
Further challenge the concepts of from the ground up movement and foot to core sequencing with EBFA’s Level 2 certification. From heel-strike to push-off, our foot dictates the way our body responds and reacts to every closed chain movement, including walking, squatting and jumping.

In this advanced Level 2 workshop, you will Further explore the concept of foot to core as it relates to movement efficiency and the transfer of energy as it relates to gait. All attendees will learn the powerful assessment technique for walking and running gait.

The decision to become a Barefoot Training Specialist® is the first step towards joining our community of in-demand health and fitness professionals from around the world who have a solid understanding of foot function, barefoot science and foot to core sequencing.
Athletic Trainers – EBFA foot and barefoot education programs are designed to present the latest research as it relates to restoring foot function, corrective exercises and athletic performance. With no established guidelines on barefoot training protocol, this is the only workshop that will fully prepare athletic trainers to better integrate barefoot training and foot fitness into their athlete’s programming.

Personal Trainers – EBFA foot and barefoot education programs are designed to present the most effective programming for personal trainers. Whether a client’s goal is corrective exercise, performance or weight management, barefoot and foot-specific training can create faster and greater results.

Movement Specialists – With the foot as the foundation to human movement, many movement dysfunctions treated by movement specialists integrate the foot. By understanding and implementing barefoot science and from the ground up corrective exercise techniques, movement specialists will be able to confidently address all movement dysfunctions.

Group Fitness Instructors – Looking to increase the challenge or creativity in a group exercise setting? By integrating barefoot training and foot-specific exercises, group fitness instructors are able to stand out among the competition while keeping their classes fun, fresh and effective.

Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Podiatrists & Chiropractors – Evidence supports corrective exercise techniques using barefoot training as a powerful aid for patients with ACL injuries, low back pain, ankle instability, SI joint dysfunction, hip labrum injuries, and several other lower extremity difficulties. Explore how barefoot science can enhance the timing of muscle activation patterns and how this directly relates to the prevention of hip, knee, & foot injuries.Why train barefoot?
One of the hottest buzzwords currently in the health and fitness industry is “barefoot training”. As we explore the benefits of working-out sans footwear we must ask ourselves “Why?”

Why train barefoot when shoes seem to provide the support and shock absorption needed for optimal performance? The answer to this question lies in the function of the human foot.

With no established guidelines on barefoot training protocol, this is the only workshop that will fully prepare health and fitness professionals to better integrate barefoot training and foot fitness into their client’s or patient’s workout and rehab programming.

Created by Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist Dr Emily Splichal, the Barefoot Training Specialist® Program will change the way you look at human movement and athletic performance. This program will cover foot & ankle anatomy and biomechanics, foot assessment techniques, foot-specific programming for different foot-types, barefoot science and evidence-based barefoot training techniques and programming.

Benefits of becoming a Barefoot Training Specialist®
Increase your income potential with advanced corrective exercise
Promote yourself as a Barefoot Specialist in this niche market with the credibility and respect of the only Barefoot Training
Get listed on the EBFA’s “Find a Barefoot Training Specialist®” page to improve your local & national
Get access to the Evidence Based Fitness Academy Online Portal for the latest in barefoot training research, barefoot exercises and articles to further build your barefoot training


Dr. Emily Splichal

Body Mind Learn Center

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