Ben Benjamin Orthopedic Massage Workshop: Knees, Hip, & Thigh

March 15, 2019

March 17, 2019

9:00 am To 5:00 am

Body Mind Learn Center, North North Court, Palatine, IL, USA




Event Description

This workshop was designed by Dr. Ben Benjamin to help bodyworkers assess and treat speci_c injuries in the knees, hip and thigh that challenge and frustrate most therapists.

The skills learned are helpful in assessing and treating tendon and ligament injuries, patellar tendinitis, medial compartment syndrome, chronic hamstring and quadriceps injuries, and iliotibial band syndrome. There will be a strong focus in the segment on athletic based injuries. This comprehensive workshop provides ample time and frequent opportunities to practice the techniques presented. 7 Dimensions of Ben Benjamin Training:

Anatomy: Students view, draw, and palpate relevant musculoskeletal structures.
Assessment: Students practice detailed history taking, palpation of injured structures, and specific orthopedic assessment tests for the shoulder.
Theory: Students use the history, assessment test findings, and the results of palpation to determine which structures are injured.
Technique: Students learn detailed treatment techniques to eliminate unwanted adhesive scar tissue, including deep transverse friction, therapeutic exercises, and stretching.
Integration: After learning the theoretical basis and assessment procedures, students integrate this information in hands-on learning games using case studies of actual clients.
Clinic: Students practice their skills by participating in an injury assessment clinic, free and open to the public, under Lois’ supervision.
Private Lessons: Those working toward certification in Orthopedic Massage fine tune their hands-on skills in additional private tutoring sessions with Lois.
You will walk out of this workshop ready to use this information on your very _rst client. Who should attend this workshop?

Ben Benjamin Orthopedic Massage Workshops are for massage therapists who want to increase their expertise and success rate in helping to relieve their client’s pain. You will learn how to find the exact source of a client’s pain and how to administer effective treatment. These workshops will give you the knowledge and understanding to make you a more effective massage therapist.


Lois Orth-Zitoli

Body Mind Learn Center

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Orthopedic massage courses tend to focus on one area of the body, such as a spine or shoulder, making a la carte training possible. Some courses cover specific stretching techniques or orthopedic injuries. You can take general courses or investigate modalities like the Henrickson method, which uses wave-like mobilizations while the client is fully clothed. Specialization in any modality demands intensives and clinician-level courses but will open up clinical opportunities for practice.