Medical Massage

July 11, 2020

July 14, 2020

9:00 am To 6:00 pm

Body Mind Learn Center, North North Court, Palatine, IL, USA




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Event Description

Medical Massage Therapy is a scientifically proven concept for somatic rehabilitation that includes several clinically effective techniques and approaches that have enormous therapeutic potential for patients with somatic and visceral disorders. Using these techniques will allow you to achieve stable clinical results in the therapy room, gain greater respect from the medical community and significantly expand your practice.


Dr. Ross Turchaninov

Science of Massage Institute

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Medical Massage

If you are hoping to focus your practice on addressing specific conditions, working with medical professionals or helping clients with illnesses and injuries, medical massage certification programs are critical for honing your techniques and earning the trust of medical professionals.

In medical massage training, you can expect in-depth instruction regarding assessment techniques, medical conditions, contraindications, and dealing with delicate areas like the spine. Some courses also cover insurance billing, ethics, and how to communicate with medical professionals. If you are hoping to work with one type of practice or illness, consider specialized programs or courses with modules focused on what you what.