Thai for the Table

April 1, 2019

April 2, 2019

10:00 am To 6:00 am

Body Mind Learn Center, North North Court, Palatine, IL, USA




Event Description

Get re-invigorated and inspired with this Thai Massage workshop designed especially for massage therapists!
This two-day Thai for the Table class is a boon for LMT’s who are looking to incorporate Thai style stretching into their current routines. Bringing Thai stretching, movement and compression onto the table offers table-workers a host of fresh new tools to bring back to their massage practice. Paul will guide you through this fascinating connection of two modalities. Massage will be taught fully clothed. masters of Thai medical massage.

Notes to Students:
Clothing: Please wear comfortable clothing or yoga type clothing. We will be working fully clothed and we will be stretched and moved around. So keep that in mind when choosing what to wear. I recommend against shorts or sleeveless t-shirts. In the Thai practice it’s best to work on some sort of material as opposed to directly on skin (though you can wear a t-shirt with sleeves exposing your arms, or a long sleeve t-shirt or sweatshirt covering your arms, up to you). If you get cold while receiving, keep that in mind also as you decide what to wear.

Tables: They will be provided by the studio.

Manual: You will receive a manual for the class that you can use to practice with when you are on your own. The class itself will riff off of the manual but will also allow for things to come up in the moment. I am most interested in technique, sensing, deep connection, meditative awareness, and fundamental principles of touch and movement. These are the ideas that will guide us as we explore this unique way of interacting in the space of the therapeutic massage.

Photos and Video: You are welcome to take pictures and videotape any of the demonstrations. However, I ask that you only use videos for personal study purposes only. If you wish to post some pictures from the class on social media you are welcome to, provided all participants give their consent. It’s something we will talk about early on on Monday.

If you have any particular requests or suggestions, please let me know in advance if you can and I’ll do my best to weave your interests into the class.


Paul Fowler

Body Mind Learn Center

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Thai massage works the relaxing effects of massage, the stretching of yoga, and the spiritual wellness of energy work into one session. The modality is more physically dynamic than a typical massage. Sessions are performed on a floor mat with the client fully clothed. The practitioner helps the client through yoga-based, assisted stretches while pressing on energy and pressure points along the body. Because of it’s similarity to yoga, some people refer to Thai massage as “Thai yoga massage” as well.

Along with teaching the modality as a whole, Thai massage training can teach you how to improve your flow with better sequencing, incorporate the classic Thai herbal balls or start using your bare feet as tools. You can also learn how to adapt Thai techniques for table massage or work with special circumstances like pregnancy and disabilities.