Metamorphosis Class

May 2, 2020

May 3, 2020

9:00 am To 4:30 pm

Wild Rose Holistic Health, 2 Electronics Avenue, Danvers, Massachusetts 01923




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Event Description

Metamorphosis creates peace within by addressing unconscious tension. Unconscious tension is underneath all that you are trying to fix, change, and heal.

What makes Metamorphosis unique is that it addresses unconscious tension at the onset of this tension for all of humanity. Most approaches address symptoms. Symptoms are the expression of this underlying tension, not the source. As the underlying tension eases, so do your symptoms. Taking your focus off of what is wrong, is part of the Metamorphosis magic!

A Metamorphosis treatment creates a doorway to this underlying tension with an invitation to let it go. It is in the awareness that it eases without effort or thought.

A treatment is non-verbal and deeply relaxing. Using gentle touch, we work on the bony structure of the feet, hands, head, and directly on the spine. You remain fully clothed during the process with the exception of your feet.

Metamorphosis Classes are often of interest for:
Home use: Individuals, couples, parents, and animal lovers.
Professional use: Reflexologists, Holistic practitioners, Nurses, Midwives, Doulas and Hospice workers.
Special Needs: Metamorphosis is especially helpful with autism and all special needs.

This class is great for your relationship and family dynamics: Metamorphosis offers a gentle, non-judgmental approach to letting go of unconscious tension. The degree of tension in a relationship or family is based on the collective degree of tension within each individual. As each person eases their tension, the relationship or household dynamics become healthier and more harmonious. Everyone has tension and the use of gentle, loving touch as a means to bring more harmony into your home, makes everyone feel happier and healthier.

Cindy Silverlock is an approved CE provider for:
NCBTMB 14 CE’s for Massage Therapists.
ARCB 14 CE’s for Reflexologists USA.
RABC 14 CE’s Reflexology Association of British Columbia.
RAC 7.5 CE’s Reflexology Association of Canada.
RAA 14 CE’s Reflexology Association of Australia.


Cindy Silverlock

713 Brentwood Drive


About the Instructor

Cindy Silverlock is a Metamorphosis author and teacher. She has spent over 30 years bringing awareness of Metamorphosis. Cindy founded the Metamorphosis Center in 1990. Dean Silverlock has been right by her side supporting her and assisting in classes.

Metamorphosis Classes
we travel to you

Metamorphosis Class in New Zealand, 2010

Cindy and Dean have taught Metamorphosis classes throughout the USA and in Canada: Toronto, New Brunswick, and British Columbia. They have also taught in Helsinki, Finland and Auckland, New Zealand.

We would love to travel to your area for 6-14 people. Our classes have been sponsored by associations, healing centers, and individuals.

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