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Massage CE Directory is a national directory of live, hands-on massage therapy CEU workshops for licensed massage therapists and bodyworkers. Access to quality education is critical to the continued professional development of massage therapists and the industry as a whole. We are pleased to support massage therapists and CE providers by providing a platform to easily publish and find local massage therapy CEU workshops.

Portland, OR

With a progressive vibe and "hipster" reputation, Portland is one of America's most artsy and holistically-inclined cities. Parks dot the streets, microfarms speckle the rooftops and natural healing centers are a common site among throngs of street artists and food trucks. Visiting massage therapists will find CEUs focused in natural healing and a number of unique modalities from local schools.

Portland is graced with gorgeous weather from July through October, but come prepared for rain the rest of the time. It's easy to get around by foot, car or mass transit. If you travel by car, don't get out at the gas station. State law requires attendants to pump gas.