Aromatherapy Essentials For Body Workers

Sep 17, 2021

Sep 18, 2021

9:00 am To 5:00 pm

The Healing Arts & Massage School, Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh, NC, USA




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Event Description

16 CE Hours

Expand your skill set and grow your practice with essential oil knowledge!

Receive a solid foundation in aromatherapy by a Certified Aromatherapist so that you can customize it to work for you and your practice. After completing the course, you will learn applications to use these amazing healing botanicals called Essential Oils so that you can help your clients and use them with confidence. Included in the tuition of the class is a 42 page manual and a mini essential oil kit for each student to be used in class projects. All materials, such as ingredients to formulate products, containers and recipes will be included. Chemistry 101 of essential oils and 21 Essential Oil profiles. Projects that students will create include;massage oils to help relieve muscular pain and tension, as well as exfoliants that can be used in spa treatments. Marketing tips and more!


Fernanda Santiago

About the Instructor


Born in the Island of Puerto Rico, Fernanda Santiago has always had a passion for wellness and helping people get healthy. Her great grandmother was a midwife, herbalist and an expert in using natural healing compounds. This knowledge of herbal medicine and natural healing has been passed down for generations.. Fernanda has spent the last 15 years learning and specializing in Aromatherapy, and has trained in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She is the co-founder of Apex Retreat Seminars as well as operating her own private practice. She love to share her knowledge and passion for helping others using traditional methods.

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Fernanda Santiago


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Aromatherapy is one of massage therapy’s most common companions. Aromatherapists use essential oils for the benefit of a client’s health. It can be as simple as using an essential oil diffuser during sessions, or you can pursue an independent aromatherapist certification to broaden your practice’s scope.

Aromatherapy CE courses are well-suited for distance learning and vary widely in both scope and approach. Brief, one or two hour courses will discuss using essential oils safely during sessions while in-depth courses can reach up to 300 hours and discuss clinical applications.

Specialized aromatherapy continuing education courses cover topics like using essential oils in skincare and the different schools of thought within the aromatherapy community.