Vitality Massage & Pain Relief

2048 S Clinton Ave, Rochester, NY 14618, USA



Vitality Massage & Pain Relief is the only massage therapy clinic in the Rochester, NY area that specializes in Pain Relief. We will assess your situation, find the root cause of your pain and eliminate it.

What sets us apart from the rest? We have a passion for relieving pain and stress for the average weekday warrior, and increasing performace or recovery for the competitive athlete. We have advanced Pain Science, Manual Therapy, deep tissue massage and cupping therapy training. Add to that our extensive neuro-muscular anatomy knowledge, our experience, and you get a unique session that achieves YOUR individual goals! Stress plays a major role in pain.That is why stress relief is incorporated into many of our sessions to attack pain and get you at your best. We promise to make some positive, long lasting changes in just five or six sessions.

It is our belief that hands on bodywork is a NECESSITY for every individual and because of this, we not only offer THE MOST advanced manual therapy and massage in the area, but make it as affordable as possible!

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