FasciAshi Advanced: 1 & 2 Footed Complex Myofascial Barefoot Massage Strokes

November 9, 2019

November 10, 2019

9:00 am To 6:00 pm

Heeling Sole Barefoot Massage, Nacogdoches Road, San Antonio, Texas, USA




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Event Description

This advanced-level class empowers the experienced myofascial ashiatsu barefoot massage therapist to work with more difficult single and double footed strokes, potentially applying their full body weight as kneaded. Strokes are performed with the client in Prone, Anterior and Sidelying positions, while the therapist massages from varying angles of pressure to achieve a safe, deep, fascial barefoot massage session focusing on structural alignment.

Learn how to vary your stroke intentions as you choose to use your feet working bilaterally, unilaterally, contralaterally, simultaneously, in sync and out of sync, independently or in succession in the Advanced class. Work bilaterally from head to toe on the right client. No two massages are the same and the possibilities for using these techniques on your existing client based are endless!

Prerequisite: FasciAshi Intermediate. Class price: $447. You can choose to pay in full upfront, or make two payments. A non-refundable $223.50 retainer is required to hold your spot in class – the remaining $223.50 balance is due before class starts. Therapists will learn:Bony landmark recognition and palpation for visual alignmentSingle and double footed strokes with modifications with structural benefits to every strokeContraindications and indications for bilateral, deep, barefoot massageAppropriate biomechanics to get deeper without death-gripping the barsStrap length adjustments for stroke variationsTheory on sustained compression, fascial chain pathways, and compensation patternsHow to use critical thinking skills to customize a 50+ minute session using techniques taught in class catered to the needs of individual clients during the Student ClinicHow to synthesize previous and newly gained barefoot massage knowledge by working on other therapists and public clients dailyThe ability to seamlessly apply deep tissue, trigger point, cross fiber friction and fascial techniques utilizing their feet on a variety of vectors or angled directions of pressure.How to regulate up to their full body weight in pressure – as appropriate for that particular client.Pro-Tip To Prepare: Are you ready for this!? Experienced barefoot massage therapists can try these ashi-challenges before class with FasciAshi co-founder, Jeni Spring!


Jeni Spring

The Center for Barefoot Massage


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