The Joint Workshop, Somatic Personal Resonance Education

September 14, 2019

September 15, 2019

11:00 am To 5:00 am

3333 Wallingford Avenue North, Seattle, WA, USA




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Event Description

If your joints could speak, what would they tell you? Join us to discover joint articulations in matter and metaphor. Identify and communicate with joint tension patterns; learn to see the body as a 3-D tensegral system; understand how to use somatic attunement and hands-on bodywork to offer relief and support for joints.


Jill Ableson

3333 Wallingford Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103


About the Instructor

Jill Ableson, SPRe® Founder, Instructor & Private Practice has been in the somatic field since her Rolf training in 1995. In 2006, through integrating structural principles, while focusing on a collaborative dynamic approach to creating somatic structural integrity that focuses on client empowerment, Jill partnered with Martine Dedek to develop Somatic Personal Resonance Education SPRe®, bringing the theory and practice to its current evolution.

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