First Degree Reiki Training

August 17, 2019

August 18, 2019

9:30 am To 5:30 pm

1976 North Kolb Road, Tucson, AZ, USA




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Event Description

This two-day level-one Reiki intensive is a fun, well-organized workshop that provides the student with a strong foundation for the higher levels of training. It is designed for those who desire a higher level of health; mind, body, and spirit making it an excellent choice for anyone willing to invest time and energy on improving their quality of life. Participants will enjoy a perfect blend of lecture, discussion and hands-on experience in a comfortable, cozy, serene atmosphere. 14 CE Hours are available for massage therapists

Small class enrollment with individualized support and attention
Private First Degree attunement
A class manual which includes a hand placement chart
Explanation of Reiki
The seven Chakras / 21 day cleanse
The History of Usui Reiki
Creative ways to apply Reiki into your daily life
Healing and the Law
Reiki Ideals exercises
Instruction for Head and Stomach Flow self-session
Instruction for performing a quick chakra balancing
Give and receive mini Reiki session
Create your personal Reiki program
Participate in a Reiki exchange
Certificate of completion upon 100% attendance and demonstration of comprehension of the Reiki principals and techniques
Health, Happiness, Long Life…The Gift of Reiki


Mega R. Mease

1976 N. Kolb Road

[email protected]


About the Instructor

I am a  Holistic Health Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher and the founder/owner of Advanced Energy Therapeutics. My primary title is Manifestation Coach/Mentor which grew out of my traditional Life, Health and Hypnotherapy certifications.  Additionally, I support others as an Energy Healer/Diagnostician. The foundation of this work is seeing and finding where the emotional trauma in the body that is sourced by illness, disease, disorder, depression, grief and other forms of crises. The value of this work continues with the movement of the energy that holds the disorder in place.  Reiki is my first love and teaching is my passion. You are invited to join me for two wonderful days of learning, laughter, and growth!                                            

Registration Details

Register online by July 17, 2019                                                                              Deposit: $175 by July 17, 2019
Balance: $175 by August 7, 2019

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Sometimes called palm healing or laying-on-hands, reiki was developed in Japan in the 1920s. The modality is based on the concept of channeling energy into clients to restore spiritual balance and promote healing. Clients remain clothed during sessions, and the therapist may either use a light touch or hold their hands just above the client’s skin while they work.

Reiki continuing education is split into three levels of mastery. The first level teaches basic techniques and spiritual balance of the self. The second level introduces practicing on others, and the third helps you achieve the level of mastery required to teach the technique to others. Courses may focus on the styles of specific reiki masters or teach different techniques side-by-side.