Developing an Extraordinary Quality of Touch

Feb 20, 2024

Feb 21, 2024

9:00 am To 6:00 pm

31 Harvard Street, Worcester, MA, USA



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Would you like to discover a way of working that ignites passion?

Do you feel frustrated in your massage career?

Do you feel “stagnant” in your sequence?

Are you tired of searching for that next great “modality” that will set you apart ?

Would you like to break out of old habits and find a new and improved way to work?

Would you like to elevate your massage from ordinary to extraordinary?

What if I told you there is a workshop that improves on your techniques with the skills you already have inside. Wouldn’t you like to find a way to work that generates rave reviews and has clients singing your praises?

Developing an Extraordinary Quality of Touch is a very special and unique offering. Rather than trying to memorize a new set of techniques or modality, this course is for anyone who wants to learn to master their own healing legacy and learn to work in a way that elevates an ordinary to an extraordinary client experience using and adjusting skills you already have.

Most Bodywork and Massage Therapy Continuing Education is heavily weighted towards new “modalities” and ways to touch, very little attention seems to be focused on “how” to touch, including cultivating awareness, listening to the body, how to move, manipulating limbs with grace, developing “soft hands”, making contact – really “feeling” what you are doing and responding in real time. Body mechanics is often presented with the focus on self-care and career longevity. Complete with stern warnings about precision placement of feet, posture. How many times have you been so focused on your body that you forget about the body on your table? When we are at ease in our own bodies, that energy is transferred to our clients and can be felt – optimizing your client’s ability to relax and receive the work.

So how, and where can you develop your quality of touch? That is why I developed this class.

My knowledge of how to work with you stems from a mix of Lomi Training, martial arts, movement therapies, ergonomics study, Zen study, presence, focus, and a deeply intuitive and highly developed sense awareness. I use these tools to try and improve my massage with each client, and I will try to help you.

Admittedly my work is primarily about relaxation, stress management and mind/body balance. It is therapeutic but intuitive, not medical. There is less emphasis on science and rote memorization. This is about developing and strengthening intuition, nurturing and developing your senses, creating a calm confidence to “go off the script” and bringing out the best in you – your signature style. Cultivating a presence and awareness are key elements of really superior bodywork.

The focus of this class will be on how to work, not learning new techniques. It is about refining the work that is already inside you, not copying something new. Thus for every student the outcome may be different. Drawing upon some of the elements of Lomi Lomi, like Ka´aleleau (flying) and Hana ka Lima (working with hands) you will learn how to add grace, fluidity and the aloha spirit to your work . Drawing also on some of the basic principles of Trager, where the way the body is moved, and how it feels, contributes to the overall success of the treatment. These principles will be reinforced by experiential exercises in class, demonstration, observation as well as ample hands-on practice. Further drawing on some basic principles of movement, the client’s body/mind is being educated by the touch of the practitioner and the way the body is moved.

ABOUT THE CLASS:  This special class is limited to 6 students for maximum attention to each unique students goals. It is being held just outside of Boston, MA

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Edward Miano graduated from the Bancroft School of Massage.  As well he is a graduate of the Gantke® Schule für Körperarbeit (School for Bodywork.) in Germany, where he also teaches. He holds Licenses in both MA and Hawaii and loves to weave a sense of artistry into his work. His work is deeply intuitive and he brings a genuine passion and fun into his teaching.


Edward Miano

About the Instructor

Experienced, intuitive, therapist and NCBTMB instructor, focused on relaxation, stress reduction through traditional western as well as Hawaiian philosophies. Trained at the well respected Bancroft School of Massage (Worcester, MA) as well as the Gantke Schule (Germany) under Mr. Robert Gantke, one of the pre-eminent practitioners of Kahuna bodywork and Lomi Lomi in the world today. Robert learned from IIima Margareta Kappl, who learned it from Kahu Abraham Kawai'i. Thus is my Lomi lineage - as close to direct as is possible today, with the passing of Kahu Abraham (who along with Aunty Margaret Machado, first introduced Lomi to non Hawaiians)

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