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Ashiatsu Massage CEU Online Webinar

Online Webinar


Lynn Smet


Ashi-Thai is an expression of traditional Thai stretches that have been modified utilizing the overhead bar system and therapists’ body so no heavy lifting or bending occurs at the waist. Read more…

Thai Massage Online CEU

Online Webinar


Teresa Wallis


Explore body movement and biomechanical principles related to working on a mat on the floor. Identify the primary body postures that you’ll need to master and learn a short Thai massage sequence that (with a little practice) you can use right away. Read more…

Kinesio Taping Massage CEU

Tucson, AZ


David B. Blum, LMT, CKTI


Kinesio Taping is the perfect addition to any practice. It’s a way of sending your clients home as though your hands are still on them. Learn to use Kinesio Taping as a stand alone or an addition to the therapies you already do. Read more…

Chair Massage CEU

Cornelius, NC


Sheila Alexander


Whether you are a new or experienced therapist, this work will make you a believer in how to ‘work smarter not harder’. Included are proper body mechanics to protect your most valuable asset: your hands. Read more…

Eric Spivack Thai Massage

Seattle, WA


Eric Spivack


In this 2-day Intensive, students will learn to give a 2 hr traditional Thai Yoga Massage using their hands and feet. Poses learned will be in the supine, prone, side-lying, and seated positions. This is a fun class! Read reviews of Eric’s courses @ https://soaringcranemassage. Read more…

Thai Massage CEU Online Webinar
20 Feb

Online Webinar


Michael Sitzer


This 12 CE Table Thai course will teach you how to effectively massage & stretch your clients while saving your body and your hands! This course includes lifetime access to the Home Study Online course. Read more…

Ashiatsu Massage CEU

Online Webinar


Charlene Gaffney


Ashiatsu : Body Mechanics, Equipment & Safety Considerations Listen to the presentation then hang out to ask your most pressing questions about the physical and equipment requirements required for professional ashiatsu practice. Read more…

Thai Massage CEU

Memphis, TN


Charlene Gaffney


Learn a full body Thai massage sequence for the side-lying position. Apply acupressure, range of motion and stretching using your hands, thumbs, forearms, elbows, feet and knees. All levels welcome. Read more…

Online Esalen Massage CEU

Online Webinar


Robin Fann-Costanzo


Introduction to Esalen® Massage, 12 ce Live ZOOM Read more…

Online Massage CEU

Online Webinar


Erin Law


Explore movement as a full body experience fueled by naturally present movement patterns in the human body. Learn about developmental movement from the perspective of human baby motor development and from a larger scope of evolutionary biology. Read more…

lymphatic system

Blacksburg, VA


Carmen Recupero


We are one of only six schools in the country, recognized by the NLN and LANA organizations for lymphatic education. Don’t settle! Our director was the keynote speaker last year at the National Lymphedema Network conference and has been trained in four different schools of thought for lymphatic drainage. Read more…

Thai Massage CEU Nashville

Nashville, TN


Marijean Rue


Amaze your clients with Thai Massage. Learn how to incorporate Thai Massage into your table sessions. This class is great for those interested in practicing Thai but cannot or don’t want to practice in the traditional floor style or for those that want an introduction to Thai Massage. Read more…