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Local Massage CE Classes Newsletter Has Arrived

What’s the most challenging part of continuing education for massage therapists? This is a question we’ve asked therapists many times and almost every time, the answer is “finding them” – or some variation of that. We are now in the “Information Age” where nearly anything we want to know about can be summoned within a matter of seconds, yet finding engaging and affordable massage CE classes in a specific area can seem like a small miracle. We can do better. Our new monthly email newsletter for local CE classes is a step in the right direction.

Massage CE Directory originally began as a central place for massage therapists and CE providers to connect through continuing education, instead of playing “Marco Polo” all over the Internet and hoping there might be a connection. But why not take that one step farther? Instead of therapists coming to Massage CE Directory to find classes, why not bring the classes to therapists? So that’s what we’ve done and it’s now much easier for everyone:

  • Massage therapists don’t need to repeatedly come to the directory to find CE classes. They simply subscribe to receive a single monthly newsletter that includes all the upcoming classes listed in their state for the near future. They can then take a few moments to browse and followup on anything that interests them.
  • CE providers don’t need to wait years to build their own list or spend a small fortune to rent space from large organizations. They can simply upload their class details to one form and, like magic, have their CE class sent to massage therapists all over the state.

It’s taken some trial and error but ultimately we’re pretty pleased with the new system and we hope everyone else will be too. It’s been designed to keep things as simple and convenient as possible. The emails have been running in “beta” (test) for several months now and the initial feedback has been great!

Thanks so much for the upcoming classes update. Eventhough i do not graduate until August, it is amazing to see whats out there. So much to look forward to. Will pass this along to my classmates. Definitely excited to take many ceu’s after becoming licensed. Thanks so very much. Please continue to update me so i can plan ahead. I truly appreciate it.  

~ Massage Therapy Student in NC

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